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Humantay Lake, a paradise of turquoise waters

Humantay Lake is one of the places that prove that in Peru, the best of the trip is the way. Considered one of the most spectacular landscapes of the Andean region, it is located to the north of Cusco.     How to travel to Humantay Lake   Defined as magical by most tourists, the …


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Local culture – Virgin of the Nativity Festivity

A Festividad de la Virgen de Natividad or Birth of Our Lady, is a tradition of the most awaited by the residents of Cusco. Celebrated on September 8, the Catholic festival takes place in the form of a procession, with the image of the saint, music and dancers in the streets and local churches.   …


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Montaña de Colores, a piece of the rainbow in Cusco

  Located in Vinicunca, Peru, Colorful Mountain is the typical tourist point of Cusco that no one can visit, let alone the adventurers. Considered one of the most impressive geological formations of the Andes Mountains, Montaña de Colores also known as Rainbow Mountain or Colored Mountain was kept secret for many years by the local …


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5 reasons to travel to Machu Picchu

  Traveling to Machu Picchu involves, in addition to the experiences for the personal tourist baggage, the cultural stamp, of being in a place of the most incredible and rich of histories of the world. We cant list only 5 of the reasons to visit this piece of culture in Peru, but we will gather …


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Cusco, Peru: a world of history, architecture and gastronomy

  Located in the heart of the Andes, the city Cusco, Peru, carries with it all the culture and influence of the Incas and Spaniards in architecture and gastronomy. The union of influence of distinct peoples is one of the most striking points for tourism in Cusco, but these influences have not remained stagnated over …



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