Vinicunca in three videos – The unforgettable vacations

Get to know Vinicunca, the colorful mountain of Peru and know why vacations here are unforgettable!
Every time we think about vacation, rest or relax are always good memories.


But when it comes to sensational places, forgetting is out of the question.

“Happiness is not on the road to somewhere. Happiness is the road itself. (Bob Dylan)


To paraphrase this phrase from Bob Dylan, about the happiness of the road, we will show you today, because Vinicunca, in Peru is one of the most sensational destinations that exist!


Three short videos that will show you why Vinicunca is unforgettable


Vinicunca. The Mountain of Seven Colors (2017)



In this first video, from the channel Para Todos, we can see in just 5 minutes, various extreme sports.


Guided by adventure professionals, mountain sports, zip lining, climbing, horseback riding and more are enjoyed by tourists.


A tour full of adrenaline, animation and culture, which will surely arouse several feelings, among them overcoming and emotion.


Vinicunca – A sensational place!


Vinicunca. The Colorful Mountains – Slides (2016)



The second video is a compilation of the most beautiful images ever recorded in Vinicunca.


Michel Dessans Channel, where videos of the most incredible places in the world are published.


The path to the 7-color Mountain is progressively registered, with the landscapes of houses, trails and tourism on the site.


In less than 5 minutes, it is possible to fall in love with Vinicunca and his way.


One of the most important aspects observed in this video is the feeling of freedom!


Vinicunca. Colorful Mountain – Peru By Drone (2017)



The third and final video is even leaner, but rich in Vinicunca’s perspective.


On a beautiful drone ride, made by the Peru by Drone canal, we can see the wonders of this region from another angle.


The different shades, seen from above and the constancy in the device’s journey, allow a greater perception on the Colored Mountain.


The trail to the summit, also in perspective and with several tourists to walk, allows a different view of the other static images.


In only 2 minutes it is possible to notice Vinicunca in another way, the panoramic one.


With these three videos you can see that Vinicunca is a place to suit all tastes.


An exotic place, which may or may not have extreme sports, but that will surely bring unforgettable experiences and sensational visions!


Inspirational source: Canais Para Todos, Michel Dessans e Peru by Drone

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