Why do you need to know the Rainbow Mountain?

Besides being an indescribable place for art, history and civilization, Montaña de Colores or Mountain Rainbow, it has an effect on each one of us.

This effect is created by the set of experiences of rise and fall of this world of 7 colors that has always enchanted us. With you it will not be any different!

“In reality you work with a few colors. What gives the illusion of its number is put in its right place. “Pablo Picasso


Porque conhecer a Montana de Colores Peru


Reasons to know the Montaña de Colores



1-Influence of colors: It is no secret to anyone that colors have a direct influence on our mood, our breathing rate and thoughts, until we realize.

With this in mind, visiting a natural and colorful place, indescribable by its magnitude and size, influences us and leads us to several healthy reflections. Promoting then, an inner vision, through a visit to a place.


Influência das cores na Montaña de Colores


2-The power of travel: Traveling is one way of enriching oneself with experiences and expanding the potential of thinking. Philosophers and thinkers have already said that the further and more pleasant your journey is, the more it will bring you mental benefits.

At Montaña Colorida, you not only experience the experience of a trip, but also the sense of connection with an ancestral people that dictates and still dictates much the way of life in Peru.


3-Different Cultural Contact: Cultural difference is what sets us apart from other people. Neither colors, races, languages or lifestyle are as different as the effect of culture on the mind of a people.

For the natives, the Montaña de Las 7 Cores is a place of healing; worshiped by his ancestors. As much as your culture is different, when you step on this spot, you feel its importance to that people.

This experience is fantastic. It is as if for moments, you changed of culture and was part of that civilization.

In the return of this experience, your daily life will deal more lightly with the differences of several types, because the perception of living in another culture, is already part of you. Sensational, is not it?


Contato cultural Montaña de Colores Cusco


Before we talk about the 4th reason, I would like to invite you to see a post talking about the way to the Mountain.

In this post, we talk about the journey to the top of this marvel in Cusco: Montaña de Colores, um pedaço do arco-íris em Cusco


4-Personality: The fourth and last reason I want to pass you (among so many that exist, but would make this post very extensive), is his personality.

Each one of us has his desires, his dreams and his affections. Going to meet new cultures is to expand this potential of dreams and achievements.

Create new wings to lead new experiences and new ways of thinking. This pleases none other than you!


Enriqueça sua personalidade Montaña de Colores Cusco Peru


Visit Montaña de Colores, well worth it.

See you next post!


See below a video of the Mountain, made by the channel Para Todos.


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