Why do you need to know the Mountain of Colors?

Besides being an indescribable place for art, history and civilization, Montaña de Colores or Mountain Rainbow, has an effect on each one of us.

This effect is created by the set of experiences of rise and fall of this world of 7 colors that we have always loved. With you it will be no different!

“”Actually, you work with some colors. What gives the illusion of their number is put in the right place.” – Pablo Picasso

Porque conhecer a Montana de Colores Peru

Reasons to visit the Mountain of Colors

1 – Influence of colors:it is no secret to anyone that colors directly influence our mood, our breathing rate and our thoughts, until we realize it.
With this in mind, visiting a natural and colorful place, indescribable for its magnitude and size, influences us and leads us to healthy reflections. Promote, then, an internal vision, through a visit to a place.

Influência das cores na Montaña de Colores

2 – The power of travel: traveling is a way of enriching oneself with experiences and the potential to think. Philosophers and thinkers have already said that the bigger and more pleasurable your journey is, the more mental it will bring.
En Montaña Colorida, no solo experimenta la experiencia de un viaje, sino también el sentido de conexión con un pueblo ancestral que dicta y aún dicta mucho la forma de vida en el Perú.

3 – Different cultural contact:cultural difference is what distinguishes us from other people. Neither colors, races, languages ​​or lifestyles are as different as the effect of culture on the mind of a people.
For the natives, the Mountain of the 7 Cores is a place of healing; adored by their ancestors. As much as your culture is different, when you set foot in this place, you feel its importance to those people.
This experience is fantastic. It is as if, at times, you changed culture and became part of that civilization.
By returning to this experience, your daily life will be more concerned with differences of various kinds, because the perception of living in another culture is already part of you. Sensational, isn’t it?

Contato cultural Montaña de Colores Cusco

Before talking about the fourth reason, I would like to invite you to see a post about the way to the mountain.

In this post, we talk about the trip to the top of this wonder in Cusco: Mountain of Colors, a piece of the rainbow in Cusco

4 – Personality:the fourth and last reason why I want to pass (among so many that exist, but that would make this publication very long), is his personality.
Each of us has his desires, his dreams and his affections. Going to know new cultures is to expand this potential of dreams and achievements.
Create new wings to lead new experiences and new ways of thinking. Nobody likes this but you!

Enriqueça sua personalidade Montaña de Colores Cusco Peru

Visit Montaña de Colores, it is worth it.

See you in the next post!
See below a video of the Mountain, made by the Para Todos channel.


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