Humantay Lake, the paradise of turquoise waters

Humantay Lake is one of the places that shows that in Peru, the best part of the trip is the road.

Considered one of the most varied places in the region of the region, it is located north of Cusco.

How to travel to Humantay Lake

In the case of the forests of the forests, the views of the lake are part of the trail to the Salkantay mountain. After all, his route is among one of the 25 routes in the world.
In this region, there has been a melting glacier, which has provided the turquoise of the waters, forming an impressive sight.
In the case of Cusco, it is possible to follow the photogenic path, towards the Mollepata village, located in the exuberant valley of the river del río.

In Mollepata it is possible to prepare the walk of Soraypampa

In Mollepata it is possible to prepare for the walk of Soraypampa, another trek, surrounded by spikes and an impressive glacier, which gives access to Salkantay. Considered one of the sacred cultures of Peru, Salkantay is over 20 thousand feet high and covered in snow. In the other post.
The bill is that on this course, after climbing over 1,200 feet and conquering some hills, we get through this fabulous perfection of nature.

Viajes Cusco Peru Humantay and Salkantay

With its fresh and majestic air, Lake Humantay supplied all the attractions. It is a path that is mystical, sacred, and has been of concentration and healing.
Anyone who has visited Humantay, points out 3 human senses that are awakened by the splendid view of this lake:

1 – Perception: The freezing sight, from the reflection of the mountain on the water is at first indescribable. In the event that it is a group of people, people who do not have access to the Internet.

2 – Freedom: Breakage is one of the sensations that frees human beings, there is not enough space to access, they also allow the feeling of freedom. Throughout the path and trails, this feeling of freedom is present, much for the next ones, for the presence in a spectacular and perfect place for the eyes.

3 – Integration: Being part of the whole is one of the human senses that makes us look for new destinations and experiences. Visitors to Lake Humantay, for the most part, feel integrated with nature, local beliefs and the whole, including the gigantic mountains and glaciers of the region. It’s a fabulous feeling, described by everyone.

Humantay Lake - Viajes Cusco Peru

To bet on destinations like this is to be sure of extraordinary visions, inexplicable experiences and indescribable achievements.

Inspirational source and images: Me cam de leve, Trover e Street View

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