Local culture – Festival of the Virgin of Nativity

The Feast of the Virgin of Nativity or Birth of Our Lady, is one of the most anticipated traditions by the residents of Cusco.
Held on September 8, the Catholic festival takes place in the form of a procession, with the image of the saint, music and dancers in the streets and local churches.

Festa da Virgen da Natividade Viajes Cusco Peru

Feast of the Virgin of the Nativity

The celebrations begin on the eve of the event, where blocks of processions walk through the streets, squandering and infecting the town with joy.
Music, dance and typical costumes are the local cultural expression, to celebrate a date so dear to them. The birth of Our Lady, affectionately called “Mamita Natividad”.
The blocks, involving adults, children, men and women, infect tourists and others who watch their joyous performances. Although there are police present in the streets, the division between the blocks and the people they assist is practically imperceptible. Which spread the people through the streets of Cusco.

 Festa da Virgen da Natividade Crianças

How does the event work?

In the morning, a solemn Mass is celebrated in the Church of Almudena and the festivities begin, delivering the image of the saint to the procession.
The procession then continues with presentations choreographed by different dance groups, which “compete with each other” in homage to the saint.
The costumes and the choreography are evaluated and extremely capricious for the blocks that paraded.

Blocos pelas ruas Festa da Virgen da Natividad Viajes Cusco

Another interesting point is that the other churches, also decorated, open their doors for the revelers of the event. Where these, with their joy and devotion, respectfully invade the churches.

Igrejas na Festa da Virgen da Natividad Viajes Cusco

For the people of Cuzco, showing their tradition is of the utmost importance. For this reason, the commitment and dedication in this celebration is essential.
The end of the event is also made with Mass. Where the image returns to the church and the blocks meet at a large mass and celebration. A mix of celebration, religiosity, culture and respect!

Poetry to the Nativity of Mary
Sing today, because you were born,
the angels, great Lady,
and rehearse, from now on,
for when God is born.

Sing today, well let’s see they come
born your beautiful queen,
that the fruit they expect from her
It is for whom they have grace.

Say, Lady, about you,
that you have to be his Lady,
and rehearse, from now on,
for when God is born.

Well, fourteen years from now,
that in good time you fulfill,
they will see the good that you give us,
remedy for so many damages.

Sing and say, for you,
that from today they have Mrs.
and rehearse, from now on,
for when God is born.

And what are we waiting for?
May Bethlehem come soon,
Let’s also prepare
heart and hands

Go sowing, Lady,
of peace our heart,
and let’s rehearse, from now on,
for when God is born. Amen.

(Lope de Vega)

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