Mountain of Colors, a piece of the rainbow in Cusco

Montaña de Colores, Peru

Located in Vinicunca, Peru, Colorful Mountain is the typical tourist spot in Cusco that no one can visit, much less adventurers.
Considered one of the most impressive geological formations in the Andes Mountains, the Montaña de Colores, also known as Montaña del Arco Iris or Montaña de Color, was kept secret for many years by the local community, the Pampachiri.
They believed that the stones found in it possessed healing powers and therefore considered it a sacred place. There is still a mystical climate and a unique energy, only those who visit can explain!

The path to the mountain of colors

Cusco City: The base of the route to Montaña de Colores is the beautiful city of Cusco. Where it is possible to get used to the altitude, learn more about the local culture, and only then embark for the trail, towards the “rainbow piece”. If you haven’t seen our post about Cusco yet, click here and take a look.

Ausangate Route:From Cusco, it is necessary to travel the Ausangate trail, considered one of the most attractive in the area. It can be reached by car in approximately 3 hours. This trail ends in the most representative mountain of Cusco, Peru. We will talk about it in a new post: Ausangate Mountain.

Montaña de Colores Trilha Ausangate

Road Landscape:For the proximity of 3 hours, it is possible to glimpse the mountains, valleys and rivers, of the incredible nuclei, which together with lhamas, contemplate an extraordinary landscape of the trilha. A change in height during the course is easily perceived, since it is something recurrent, and the guides are prepared for the students in this case.

Montaña de Colores, lhama do caminho

Colorful Mountain Top:The final destination is more incredible than any part of the way. The charm, the colors, the landscape and most importantly: the conquest. Reaching the summit of the Montaña de Colores, one of the most enigmatic destinations in Peru, has no definition. The charm, for the minerals that give the mountain color and sensation, is inexplicable!

Inspiring source and images: Let’s go where backpackers

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