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4 Facts about Seven Colors Mountain

Proporcionando uma visão impressionante e sensacional, a Montanha 7-Color, localizada no caminho para Ausangate, nos Andes do Peru, tem alguns aspectos únicos, não encontrados em nenhum outro lugar.   Além de suas 7 cores, correlacionadas com a composição do solo, o charme e o misticismo relacionados à montanha, são dois dos principais fatores.     …


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Peruvian Carnival and its regionalities

  The Peruvian carnival is one of the most lively and extensive in the world.   Throughout the month of February, joy and festivity are scattered throughout the country.   From Cajamarca to Tacha, you will discover what makes carnival so special in the best tourist destination in the world!     How is the …


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Machu Picchu – Best tourist destination in the world

The prize equivalent to the “Oscar of Tourism” of 2017, chose Machu Picchu as the best tourist destination in the world!   In its 24th edition, the World Travel Awards, aims to recognize and reward the excellence of the travel, tourism and hospitality industry.   With around 1 million visitors per year, see why Machu …


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Vinicunca in three videos – The unforgettable vacations

Get to know Vinicunca, the colorful mountain of Peru and know why vacations here are unforgettable! Every time we think about vacation, rest or relax are always good memories.   But when it comes to sensational places, forgetting is out of the question. “Happiness is not on the road to somewhere. Happiness is the road …


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Llamas, alpacas, vicunas and guanacos. The importance of Andean animals to Peru

Machu Picchu is one of the main postcards of the world, but when we speak of the Andean regions, it is practically impossible not to see a llama.   Andean animals have a total influence on the customs, fashion, economy and daily life of the Peruvian people.   But what is the difference between llamas, …


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Inti Raymi – The Feast of the Sun

  Inti Raymi is also known as the Feast of the Sun.   Heritage of the Inca culture, the event happens since 1944 in Cusco, starting at the Qoricancha (Temple of the Sun), following the Plaza de Armas, towards the Esplanade of Sacsayhuaman, an archaeological site, where the main ceremony takes place.   If you …


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Understand the different nuances of the Seven Color Mountain

Between colors of different shades, more and more tourists visit and return dazzled to the Seven Colors Mountain in Cusco every year. This magical sensation, described by each of them, has to do with the experience of the way and more, with the view provided by one of the most beautiful places in the world. …


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Warachicuy – The Inca Warrior Ritual

Warachicuy was a traditional Inca ceremony, held many years ago, marking the passage from adolescence to maturity, revealing new warriors of the Inca Empire.   The military ritual survived the years and is still remembered today in Cusco, reaffirming the Inca culture in the region.   Physical strength and preparation to become a great warrior …


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Why do you need to know the Rainbow Mountain?

Besides being an indescribable place for art, history and civilization, Montaña de Colores or Mountain Rainbow, it has an effect on each one of us. This effect is created by the set of experiences of rise and fall of this world of 7 colors that has always enchanted us. With you it will not be …


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Tour to the Sacred Valley of the Incas and its uniqueness

The Sacred Valley of the Incas, located 35 km from Cusco, between the cities of Pisac and Ollantaytambo is one of the most important tourist spots in Peru and the evolution of the Inca people. Crucial for those who seek knowledge combined with the beauties and indescribable natural experiences.   The “sacred” of the Sacred …



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